Federal mandates and the growing use of electronic medical records, along with the increasing emphasis on evidence-based medicine, are requiring hospitals and physicians to collect quality data. This data must be captured, tracked, analyzed, and often reported. Our data analysts at Result Performance can address your regulatory requirements, and also help you to improve the quality of your services through thoughtful analysis of your data. We have three main components to our Quality Program:

  • Our Adverse Events Module tracks and evaluates any adverse events that may occur during your patient’s hospital stay.
  • The Practice Audit Module enables you to demonstrate your level of completion for hospital quality indicators and government requirements in your role as an anesthesia provider.
  • Result Performance also provides you with our Practice Profile Module to capture and report on patient demographics. This is extremely useful for large multi-hospital groups.

The data that we capture also helps you to improve the overall quality of your service, collect indicators of treatment protocols, continue education opportunities, and build fair and comprehensive practitioner performance reviews.