We began as the in-house administrative arm of Commonwealth Anesthesia Associates. We’re owned and operated by practicing physicians, and understand your practice. We can bring the professionals from Result Performance and Commonwealth Anesthesia Associates to you, helping you to provide advanced, safe, effective, and ethical care to your patients, in your practice. We become partners in your practice, and your patients become our patients.

We recruit anesthesia professionals who are among the best in our country. They help you to provide comprehensive care before, during, and after surgical procedures. They also act as advocates, educating your patients on their procedures, and what they need to know about the anesthesia process.

We also provide our Surgical Preparation and Readiness Clinic (SPARC) to eliminate unnecessary tests and reduce cancellations. SPARC considers the patient’s medical condition, medical history, the intended procedure, and more to individually tailor a proper and effective course of action. SPARC also documents comorbidities, increases patient knowledge, improves the patient’s level of satisfaction with your practice, and greatly improves patient outcomes.