Processing the paperwork for billing and collections is time consuming, complicated, and takes away from your time with your patients.

Result Performance has been nationally recognized for our Accounts Receivable and collections services by MGMA. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled coders and insurance specialists who are knowledgeable of the billing demands of your practice, and receive constant ongoing education to make them incredibly responsive to industry changes. We act as your anesthesia department’s advocate, ensuring accuracy and completeness in claim filing. Whenever possible, we automate your claims process, reducing time in A/R.

We take care of billing and reimbursement management, A/R management, fee analysis, concurrency tracking, credit balance resolution, financial reporting and analysis, and more.

Billing & reimbursement management

We understand insurance requirements, and keep ahead of the curve on changes in the industry. Our professionals ensure accuracy in filing, are ICD-10 certified, and whenever possible automate your processes to bring accounts to a close as quickly as possible, reducing time in A/R and improving your profitability.

Accounts receivable management

Unpaid services reduce your bottom line. From completeness in reporting, to timely filing, we can reduce your time between procedure and remittance. We can also automate electronic claim filing to eliminate paperwork delays.

Fee analysis

Costs rise and fall over the course of any business’s life. We analyze your processes and efficiencies, enabling you to properly bill for services provided.

Concurrency tracking

The financial status of your practice is dependent on a never-ending stream of outgoing requests for payment and incoming claims revenue. Our team manages this process to ensure that your billing is accurate, your records are complete, and you have the complete picture of you’re A/R status.

Credit balance resolution

Your time unpaid is time unprofitable. Beginning with the accuracy of billing and coding, we have a team of professionals who are well versed in the language of insurance. This allows them to reduce A/R time, and bring your accounts to a closed status. We can also implement credit balance solutions for patients in need, eliminating complicated collection processes.

Financial reporting & analysis

The financial status of your practice is a key indicator of its health. We start with accuracy and efficiency in billing and collections, and finish with complete and comprehensive reporting. We then put that data to work for you, streamlining your processes and allowing you to concentrate on your patients.