Operational Solutions
A truly accountable anesthesia practice should have certain tools and processes in place to meet the demands and expectations of the administrators it serves. With solutions ranging from preoperative patient assessments to a holistic suite of Quality tools, our innovative programs and services address the needs of anesthesiologists and administrators alike, while improving patient outcomes and simplifying life for surgeons.
Practice Management Solutions
Dealing with thorny corporate compliance issues. Handling high-visibility payroll challenges. Juggling workday and vacation schedules. These aren’t the reason you became a physician. All too often, the business side of practicing medicine takes away time and energy you would rather spend on patient care. Yet the way you handle these business challenges can make the difference between a practice that is just getting by and one that is reaching its potential. RESULT's practice management solutions include billing and collections services, management consulting, recruitment and performance management, and implementing a chief clinical officer role.
Billing & Collections
RESULT provides complete billing and collections services for anesthesia practices. We have highly skilled coders and insurance specialists who ensure accuracy and completeness when filing claims for a procedure. Our billing and collections services significantly reduce days in accounts receivable and increase collection rates. As a result, RESULT consistently scores in MGMA's top 20% nationally in both accounts receivable and collections.

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